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Picture Book

Dazzling Daisy is a picture book about an energetic girl who likes to play outside in 4 seasons and different weather— a perfect gift for young children who are inspired by outdoor adventure.

Daisy is a dazzling and cheerful girl who is always smiling. She always finds something fun to do! Daisy enjoys many activities outside of her home with her family and friends. Each page is filled with colorful and imaginative illustrations. Every page introduces new ideas and provides an opportunity to expand vocabulary!


It is an educational and fun story book for children aged between 3 - 6 years old.

This story was created by Risa and Mike Bardo who were inspired by the love for their children. This story is meant to inspire children to re-engage with outdoor activities.

DD_Play Outside_Cover.jpg

Baby Book

A parent's love for a child is unique and unconditional. This children's picture book is for all girls and boys whose parents cherish their "little miracle babies." It expresses the enduring love and support that every child needs to grow up feeling safe, whole and accepted. It also shares the joy, promise and fulfillment of parenting. Heartfelt. Pure. A perfect gift.

YAMF Hard Cover Rev 1.png
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